Deeplish School Council

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Welcome to our new school council. We now have the 'School Council Bronze Award', which we are very proud of.This year we will be aimong to achieve the silver award.


Here is the school council for 2013-2014

                                                                    Year 2 council representatives are Aysha and Sufyan.

                                                                    Year 3 council representatives and Haroon and Shiffa.

                                                                    Year 4 council representatives are Abdulmuizz and Ayesha.

                                                                    Year 5 council representatives are Fawaaz and Aneesa.

                                                                    Year 6 council representatives are Haashim and Saphira.

Congratulations to our new School Council. Hashim is our Chairperson and Saphira is the secretary. Fawaaz is our Treasurer and Aneesa is our Vice –Chairperson.


The council will meet every 2 weeks to discuss issues that affect the children and events that they can become involved in like the Winter and Summer Fairs,competitions and representing the school around Rochdale. They will also have a budget to use for the benefit of school. We held our first meeting on Thursday 7th November to discuss plans for Children In Need and how birthdays could be celebrated in school. Watch this space for more news.