Investors in Pupils

“Investors in Pupils” is a quality award which recognises the achievements of whole schools and our school has decided to try to achieve it. It requires pupils to set themselves individual targets, agree class targets and improve the understanding of their own roles in the learning process and also of all adults who work in the school. These targets relate to learning, behaviour, attendance, classroom management and induction. All supporting adults are involved in this process. These involve teachers, parents, carers, support staff, governors, cleaners etc. It will not involve a great deal of extra work in Deeplish School because we will only be building on the good practice that already exists in our school.

At the moment children have set their own targets and are in the process of reviewing them.  Each class has its own mission statement. Each class is in the process of creating its own handbook which will include information for visitors to the class and also any new children. Some members of staff have been interviewed about their jobs and what their role in school entails. 

Here are some targets from children in Year 3. These are the second set of targets this term. The children having reviewed their first target during a PHSCE lesson. It is important that all children set their own targets regardless of ability and that they are able to review them regularly.


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