Parent Survey Results

The questionnaire was conducted to a significant majority of parents (203) during the Autumn 2012 parents' evenings, to find out parents, or carers' views on the different aspects of their children's  learning at home.

All parents except one, said that their children had settled well in school.This is being followed up.

Seventy five per cent of children talk to their parents about their day at school.

Twenty seven per cent of children do not read at home. This is being followed up with the creation of homework clubs and reading clubs in school. 

Fifty one per cent of families do not use the public library. This is being followed up with visits to the library and from the librarians to school.

Forty four per cent of parents supervise their children's use of a PC at home.  This means over fifty per cent do not. This is being followed up with a repeat of the e-safety training offered earlier in the year.

Thirty per cent of families use the school website. Its use is being further encouraged by teachers.

Fifty four per cent of parents speak English at home.

Over half the parents understand the Marking Scheme.

Only half the parents understand the Extended Visits Policy.

Forty per cent do not provide any out of school activities for their children.

Eighty five per cent of parents feel confident in approaching school, ten per cent did not answer the question and four per cent did not feel confident.

A follow up questionnaire is being arranged, followed by letters to parents and actions as mentioned above. However school recommends that children read at home daily, that mother tongue is taught alongside English and that children's use of the internet is supervised. Family outings are very important as they provide entertainment and learning opportunities for the children. This will help your children make better progress in school.