The school grounds

Here are the plans for the school grounds.


Over the summer break Deeplish School has developed part of its outdoor spaces. The landscaping company responsible for the design and construction work is called Eightspace.


Eightspace aims to create vibrant and imaginative play spaces. All projects follow a creative and structured approach involving working closely with the client.


Children, teachers and the community can be involved in contributing their ideas to the project. The result will be an exciting, visionary and relevant environment. We hope that by involving members of the community, developing the grounds will enrich and reflect the best qualities of our locality. As a result the spaces will be better respected and cared for by all who use them.


Eightspace is now developing the remaining areas of the playground and these will be finished by the end of the autumn  term.School is very excited at what promises to be a fantastic and unique play experience for the children.


This is the whole playground including the areas where the old school used to be.


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This is the area to the left of the playground gate as you come in.

The same area to the right of the gate as you come in to the playground..